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Our story is a family story. This story is a family tradition enhanced by an entrepreneurial spirit, which passed from dad to son and will be going as long as forests are there.

After Brian Walker, the founder moved back to Indiana; his business got incorporated in Waterloo, Indiana.

Initially, KCMA and Services LLC was based in the Seattle area, WA in 2009. It got named after Knuckles Custom Motorcycle Accessories ( KCMA), which is an original product that Brian started. You can read its story here. Later Brian added more services to his business and the business was formed as Knuckles Custom Motorcycle Accessories and Services. You can read about KCMA and Services on the main website.

Earl Walker, Brian’s dad, and his family started making maple syrup in the middle of 20th century. It was a family tradition for gathering in early spring, and so it is kept by Brian and other family members and friends.

Since Walker’s family owns a farm in Waterloo with forestry, a gathering event for the production of maple syrup was going on for generations. Sometimes a year or so was skipped, depending on how many family members were in the town

It was more of a hobby and started with collecting maple sap into the buckets attached to maple trees. Slowly the plastic pipes and other equipment for production were added, and sugar shack was built. The journal of maple sap collection was and still kept, and numbers of produced jars of maple syrup grew each or every other year.

Brian knew that he could improve maple sap collection and improve production and he took it to a whole new level. Good traditions should be kept.

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