Shipping Policy

Dear Friends,

 We are now shipping World Wide. If you are from any other location than 50 States of the union (America), please contact for shipping quote and perhaps desirable methods  and we will arrange the best and cheapest option to ship.  Right now we are still forming  best options to lunch on a website so you don’t have to contact us.

To speed up the shipping:  place the product/s in the cart, register, then email me at brian @ brian-d-walker. com with the country name you desire to ship in the SUBJECT LINE, example:  MEXICO.  I will send you a shipping quotes for those item/s.

You will be responsible for paying customs  on the other end, UNLESS you are sending a gift. Then just mark you package as a GIFT on the form and they will not charge your friend for a customs.

We can ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx. We will work with you. Maple syrup is the best to send via AIR so it doesn’t crystallizes during. During 1 month of traveling in a very hot environment it can crystallize a bit o the top or bottom, so we do recommend choose air, not ground option, unless the shipping is to Canada.


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